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Juan F Gonzalez
Juan F Gonzalez

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Have you had any experiences with the new Angular 10?

So with the release of the new version of Angular, last month or so, they bring several improvements and interesting features.

Because of work reasons, I have to re-review what's in the framework to be a part of client projects that are built on it.

But there's the common question of "should we update the project to the last version (since is a major one) or should we keep on working with the actual one?"

That's where I come to you and your collective wisdom to see if you guys have any experiences with the new version or if you have any experiences that you could share with Angular and their major version changes in projects you've worked in the past.

How has the update experience been and what common pitfalls you recommend to avoid in general.

Let me know in the comments below. Thank you all!

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John Peters • Edited

We've been from 8 to 9 to 10. In retrospect both 8 and 9 had yucky behavior with NPM Modules. I don't know why, but I could spend a week or two anytime I needed an update. I wrote some articles about this, and even opened 2 bugs with Angular team.

Get rid of NGModule
And this one which tells all about Angular Compiler Error messages, each of which I hit during those three upgrades.
Angular's horrible compiler error messages

Recommendation: Angular 10 had so many fixes in it that it just seemed to do away with the NPM problems. I was forced to deep dive into NPM module system before, which was ultimately good, but now, it's just working as well as .NET compiles work. They must have shored up the Angular CLI as ng update just works if you follow their site recommendations. Since the upgrade (without measurement) The pages just feel a lot more snappy.

Angular 10 is golden in my book.

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Juan F Gonzalez

Thanks for sharing!