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Why Evernote is the Best Note Taking Application in 2019?

Evernote Review

Like many other things, the important function of taking notes has also gone into the some process. And the result turns out as one of the most widely-known and acclaimed application, Evernote.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a modern, more revolutionized and latest method of taking notes. It does not matter where you are, with this completely free application you can always take those important notes. With lots of different functions, easy-to-use features and in-depth yet simple functionality, Evernote has rapidly become the #1 note taking application for everyone.

Evernote Review

I am one of those million fans of Evernote, who use this wonderful tool for their day-to-day uses. In this article, I am reviewing Evernote, highlighting some of its brilliant features and trying to justifying why Evernote is the best note taking tool for you.

1) It’s Totally Free!

What can be more alluring than this! Despite its raging success and popularity, anyone can give Evernote a try. Although there are some functions that are limited in the free version, the package is still more than enough for most people. Even without going premium, you will be given so many features and freedom that chances are that you will not feel limited in any way.

However, on the other hand, we see that most of such note-taking applications are free. But Evernote gives you more features than many other competitors, comparatively.

2) The Ability to Sync with Almost Anything:

This is the age of smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Portability has always been an issue for many outgoing persons. With the ability to sync your Evernote account with your cell phone and mobile device, you need not to worry about missing write my essay. Whether you are a student taking notes in a class, or a manager referring to your notes in the staff meeting, you will have access to your Evernote dashboard all the time.

The live sync feature enables you to quickly update changes, which can come very handy when collaborating with others. One of the best things about Evernote is its wide range of supported platforms and devices. Whether you own a Mac, Windows, Android phone or an iPhone, you have Evernote available for every device.

3) Intelligently Crafted Interface:

I am seriously a nerd when it comes to productivity apps. I have used many different productivity tools and note-taking applications over the past couple of years. But the major problem with these note-taking applications is that it can easily get clumsy and difficult to operate. These tools need to be crafted wisely, as they are supposed to be really simple to use – in order to save time – and yet packed with all the latest features.

In this regard, Evernote does a pretty decent job. Its interface isn’t too difficult at all. However, you will still have to explore it a bit. Once you decide to start with Evernote, I will recommend to at least get acquainted with some of its commonly used terms. This will significantly decrease your learning curve.

4) Popularity:

Popularity? Are you serious? How is that a feature?

Before you smash my face, let me tell you, it is. Popularity does play an important role when it comes to choosing a software, and with Evernote, it becomes a significant factor. As I often say: “If you are stuck up deciding between two software, go with the more popular one.”

The idea of Evernote is to get you connected with your notes, apps and stuff, all the time. With Evernote being so immensely popular, you will find many apps directly connected and integrated with Evernote – which saves you a lot of time, seriously.

If you are using an Android phone, you can share anything on Evernote with a simple tap. Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome offer you a one-touch note capture to your Evernote directory. You can integrate Evernote with your Dropbox account, giving yourself more freedom, functions and convenience when collaborating with others. This is something that many other note-taking applications lack.

5) Different Mediums for Input:

With Evernote constantly improving itself, we have several mediums for recording our notes now. You can type your note, record your voice or even upload a video. All these different mediums offer you freedom, convenience and ease, which is the basic idea behind using such an application – to increase your productivity while offering convenience and comfort.


With so many advantages and excellent features, Evernote also has some shortcomings. Although, none of them is a deal-breaker, but whatever difficulties or shortcomings Evernote users find, they should be mentioned nevertheless:

1) A Steep Premium Fee:

For some people, the premium features are way too good to be ignored. With the premium features unlocked, you get the pin access for safety purposes and many other features, like, supersized uploads, offline notebooks, PIN lock, note history, direct collaboration with others and larger notes.

However, a $5 monthly subscription fee (or $45/year) is a bit steep for many users.

2) Lesser Plans & Options:

This shortcoming is more of a continuity of the above-mentioned problem. Evernote has only two plans (at the time of writing this Evernote review): the free plan and the premium one. With a $5 monthly subscription fee, many users have to miss out on some features that they want to acquire for a lesser amount of fee. With millions of Evernote users, I think the authorities should announce a couple more plans with a bit more customization on the user’s end. This will allow users an added layer of convenience and customization, and they will be allow to choose any plan – with varied subscription fees – containing features that they usually require.

3) Interface Improvement:

Evernote still has one of the best and most user-friendly interfaces for such note-taking applications, yet there always remains a reasonable room for improvement. With a bit more inclusion of a refined and graphically interactive interface, Evernote can certainly improve. An easy-to-eye notebook type interface will have my vote for a change.


Evernote, without any doubt, is the best note-taking application right now. Although there is a bit of a learning curve for new users, Evernote tries its best to accommodate everyone. With lots of features and integration ability, Evernote has a significant edge over its competitors. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend giving Evernote a well-deserved go..

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