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37 Halloween Frontends🦇

🎃 Allow for some load time 🎃

What's not to love with Halloween?
It is the candy corn of my sunken eye sockets!

So this October, I set out to find the spookiest designs.

Note: All works link to the creators for attribution and alternative text provided. Also if anyone knows of any Ghost Buster or Beetlejuice design themes, please share. I'm literally dying to see this...

halloween orange pumpkin rabbit mutation floating mid-air for Hulu design

image of super creepy pixel box dotted images of super creepy bad guys from movies in bright neon colors!

image of vintage retro design of spooky skeletons and pumpkin art deco collage

image of girl glitching like a tv glitch with pigtails and platinum hair and blood on lip

candy skull frontend interface

image of super kawaii smooth illustration of a pink teddy bear with candies in bright pastel colors!

image from tv show stylized in 80s horror theme, campy! Bright neons with a woman and a knife on the head

ihaunting movie film imagery of Carrie, Conjuring, darker style, black background

Interesting light design landing page where an animation of a cornucopia of spooky objects and shapes pop up in tiers on the screen with a ghost its all lighter colors which makes it pretty unique looking for being so spooky

image of spooky graphical dashboard in purple and orange

slimey pumpkin frontend interface examples

Creepy kid face landing page for 404 errors in blue and orange with the middle of his face split open and a white skull showing graphically not realistically but very spooky

genuine looking haunted house in a 3D view very smooth surfaces and with the roof caved in like ghosts got into it, with a spooky vibe of fog and dark lighting!

happy halloween pumpkin modal card in orange with skull pattern behind modal

happy halloween haunted 3D house with birds eye view and green lighting the windows eerily

cartoonish encounter of trick or treaters on a dark red night going to a super duper haunted house at night and encountering a nefarious creature of the night with the frontend text of Trick or Treat

Hope you enjoyed the horrorful compilation of super terror!

Ghoul's Note: My name is Julia Nash, I am an Offering Manager for the Center of Open Source Data & Artificial Intelligence Technologies, which may or may not specialize in Open Source Paranormal Data & Artificial Zombie (and Goblin) Intelligence.


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Julia Nash

Right?! Respect for all these creators, still getting goosebumps! 😍

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