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Juliia Nikitina
Juliia Nikitina

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Free desktop tool for insightful reporting. Let me know what you think😺

Hey community😸,
I want to share the project my team and I are working on.

We are developers of JS data visualization library that is used by integrators as a powerful pivot table component for any web project.

Our team has decided to give free access to the app to all people using pivots in their everyday tasks.

We have embedded our pivot table into a simple desktop application on the base of our integration with Electron.js.
And now everyone can easily start working with it right after the download. This product is a convenient and simple solution for your fast reporting. And it doesn’t require any extra skills, knowledge or technical specialization.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts for desktop is a lightweight reporting tool that provides a rich set of data analysis features: grouping, aggregating, filtering, sorting, pivot charts.
Once you build a pivot grid, emphasize important insights with formatting, customize your report or save results to any format, be it PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, or PNG.

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What makes Flexmonster Desktop an effective reporting tool for anyone is:

  • a super quick start by loading data from desired sources,
  • a lot of options to export your result to different formats,
  • a simple way to change the view on your data: charts, compact or flat view,
  • a convenient drag-and-drop and super friendly UI, that allow you to easily configure your report

& more.

You can just download the app, run it on your computer and quickly make a customized report to present it to your boss or colleagues in just a few minutes.

If you find it useful but need more custom scenarios for your own soft or website we have a developer's version of our component that can be embedded in your own project. It is powered by extended API calls and different customization options for any use case. You can also customize the app basing it on our Electron integration

😼 Today is a very important day for us - we are launching on ProductHunt:
So we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the app and support on the platform😻.

If reporting is something you are familiar with - do give it a try!

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Thanks for this! I will definitely check this app out later 👍