Hi, I'm Juli Patrush

julipatrush profile image Juli Patrush ・1 min read

I have been coding for 4 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @JuliPatrush

I live in Karlsruhe.

I work for myself and one more company :)

I mostly program in these languages: JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Java, HTML+CSS.

I am currently learning more about SVG.

Nice to meet you.


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Ben Halpern

Thanks for signing up. SVG has been on my list for a while now. I've used the format enough, but I've only scratched the surface on what I can do with it. Do you have any resources you're currently following?

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Juli Patrush Author

Hey Ben!
Thank you for writing and being interested :)
I started learning SVG, how it works together with html, js and so on, since 1-2 Weeks. The Wish to learn that was since a long time, but never came to that. Finally :)
For that I started using Sketch (trial, but already thinking of buying a full version, because its worth that for my future ideas. Adobe Illustrator is pretty expensive for a student :) )
I found a pretty good video on youtube from "SketchCasts" and tried some stuff out. Works great and nice to create something new :)
Do you have some advices?