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Looking for a project to contribute to this Hacktoberfest? I've got a few.

Hello all! If you're looking for a project to contribute to, please feel free to check out my Hacktoberfest repo's below. All skill levels are welcome to contribute.


Here are my projects that are open for Hacktoberfest contributions.

News From The Wormhole

This project was built with React, Typescript, Tailwind, Vite, and the Spaceflight News API. This project lists news articles and blog posts that are related to space flight. You can find the repo link here, and can see the site here.

Motivational Cats

This project does not use a SPA framework. It uses plain ol' vanilla JS, Materialize CSS, and makes a couple of api calls (one to grab cat images, another to grab a motivational quote). This is this project's third Hacktoberfest! I kinda just let the Hacktoberfest contributions from the last two years drive the look and feel of the project and it's been fun to watch it change. It's in a broken state as of the time I'm writing this post. Please contribute, let's give this project another Hacktoberfest.
You can find the repo here and can see the site here.

Where is the ISS

This project shows you where the International Space Station is in real time. This project was made using Angular, Angular Material, and Leaflet. You can view the repo here, and see the site here.

Happy Hacking

Please feel free to work on any open issues in the projects I've listed. Also, if you find something you want to fix, or have an idea for a style change, or have an idea for an enhancement, then please create an issue in the project. I hope you all have a happy Hacktoberfest!

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