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Juhani Ränkimies
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SvelteKit/CDK exercise plan

I've dabbled with an adapter that deploys SvelteKit project to a CDK stack, but deploying the sample page doesn't really test the adapter much.

So, to find (and hopefully fix, too) at least some of the weak spots of my custom CDK adapter, I'll develop a simple app featuring passwordless sign-in and profile picture. The app will protect users from themselves by rejecting reckless profile pictures, like cats and adult content. It'll be hosted on

It shouldn't be too complicated, but still exercises new areas of the adapter:

  • applying svelte kit in more realistic scenario
  • session cookies with Cloudfront
  • handling non-JSON request payload
  • external dependencies in SSR bundle
  • more involved CDK stack
    • DynamoDB for session management
    • SES for confirmation emails
    • Rekognition to ensure "quality" of profile images
    • DNS, TLS certificates, ...

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