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It was really easy than I was thinking! Learning Different Things in Web Development - Videos from Youtube

Lots of things are really easy then we think, but most of our Instructors and Teachers drop the idea of explaining these Programming Concepts and Most Students also thinks that if it's not related to coding, then why to learn it. But I think that mindset is much important than hand-coding and skipping those lessons will really help you later and learning them now is much better for you.

These are some of the cool things that I learned, and are really useful:

In Javascript

Advanced Javascript is much powerful than any language out there, it's really beautiful. Most peoples really don't look at the Concepts of Javascript Execution. This will really help you to understand the language much better and you can learn more concepts like Hoisting, Scopes(Really!), and Closures in JavaScript. I was thinking about learning these concepts and I found this video by Tyler Mcginnis:
The Ultimate Guide to Execution Contexts, Hoisting, Scopes, and Closures in JavaScript

This Keyword
  • Me : This was always confusing for me.
  • You : What was confusing for you?

Ya this was a bad joke, again "this". So just learned it here :

Have To Say I'm now a big fan of Tyler Now. his teaching style is excellent.


CSS is much easier than Javascript but sometimes it can be overwhelming, SO there are some of the concepts that you must learn, don't ignore them just because they sound difficult.

  • CSS Positioning

    I really was at the moment when I saw a modal on top of everything and all the content is blur. I said this is "Magic". Someone Explained to me the Positions, but I didn't understand the Z-index and everything. So this is what I found on the Internet :

  • The Different CSS Units
    It's really the most important topic to learn in CSS (I think!). So I have learned it. This was helpful for me :

Design Theory

I was really not interested in designing and Drawing in School or in the Past. I don't know that there is some type of design system the designers use. But this video really motivated me to design and now I am here :

So Share me the other things I add in this article, Bye

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