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Transitioning to PM Role, The Four Horsemen and 2 Free Resources - Newsletter Issue #1

Hi! Welcome to the very first issue of my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing everything I read, think, gossip, tweet, and share at the end of the week. All my learnings in a bite-sized form on content. So let’s start

Being a Product Manager is hard

I’m currently transitioning to a lead PM role at my job (just after 6 months as lead front-end). I got offered to be the Head of Product because we needed someone to take responsibility + have an owner’s mentality + already have experience of our working style.
So I’m currently 35 days in my role, and I can say it’s hard, and a lot different than programming but I do recommend trying to fit in if you get offered because:

  • It gives you more information about the whole bigger picture
  • It’s exactly thinking like CEO mostly
  • It pays well 🤑

I’ve been sharing some tips on my Twitter for example like this:

What Book I'm reading right now?

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

Scott Galloway equates the Big Four - Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon - to the Four Horseman of god, love, sex, and consumption respectively.
The author proceeds to examine and deconstruct the strategies that the Four employed in becoming the present giants of the industry
I’m kinda loving it, but I’m a little biased because of my interest in the genre.

What resources did I found this week?

Anything else?

Yeah, I’m going to buy the Grammarly pro version, to improve my overall writing ability and communication skill. So I’ll be reviewing it in my next issue #2
Also, Today’s question: Have you tried the Clubhouse app? Do you like it? What do you think about it?

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This post is exactly the same as Issue #1 of my newsletter "Just Another Newsletter"

Thanks for reading :)

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