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New Challenge 👌 : #40DaysInspration

I'm quite active on Twitter 😁, and I've participated in #100daysofofcode and #javascript30.

These are the only most popular, challenges out-there in the web community. But #100daysofCode is mostly focused on sharing your code journey as you go.

#javascript30 is a little different, it's a YouTube series created by Boss 'Wes Bos' and it's all about javascript.

There is one more #codenewbie, but it's not so relevant as a challenge and maybe not a challenge at all.

So I usually design UI components, and pages by looking up to Dribble shots. So here comes the spark and I created this challenge in the last 1 hour.


It's a coding and design challenge for people who wants to practice their CSS.
Anyone can try this challenge, it will increase thinking skills because after 40 days you can think the CSS in your brain by looking up to a UI.

You just have to design a UI shot, from the official repo of the challenge every day for 40 days.

Some of the rules

  • First You've to re-tweet this tweet on @twitter, with a comment that you are joining this challenge
  • You can get all the UI designs for 40 days on this Repo, twitter, DEV and official website
  • Try Creating the design, same as shown in that UI shot. You can use any CSS Framework.
  • You can improvise the design as you go, to show your own creativity
  • Share the end result with the #40DaysInspiration community on Twitter and host it on your codepen profile.

This can be a refresher for some people, who want to get into the CSS arena again or CSS Masters can test their skills and tweet that "CSS is not Hard".

End Notes

Follow me on Twitter, I post more sh*t there. @justaashir

This was the tweet:
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