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Lots of great stuff brewing at Redis University!

Hello! We've been busy the last few weeks at Redis University! Today is the release of our explainer video covering RedisJSON, a Redis module that makes storing and manipulating JSON objects a breeze.

RedisJSON allows us to skip the serialization/deserialization cycle of JSON-to-String conversion and allows us to simply GET and SET values without worry. I personally love this module due to its ease of use. Also I just love JSON for some reason.

We've also launched two new Redis University classes! They both start October 6th, so make sure to check them out!

RU330: Redis Security - (4 weeks, instructor-led)

Learn everything you need to know about Redis Security. The course focuses on access-control, data encryption, and secure deployment practices. This is my first time helping to produce a course, so I'm excited to hear your feedback!

RU102PY: Redis for Python Developers - (5 weeks, instructor-led)

In our latest language course, you'll learn how to create a complete Python application with the Flask framework, using Redis as a data store.

Keep learning!

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