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I'm one of the core developers on the Walkoff project, an automation and orchestration framework with a focus on cybersecurity. Think of an open source ITTT. We're using a Flask backend with an Angular frontend, and the integration plugins are written in Python.

What you can do

  • Have a favorite tool which has a Python API or web service you use often? Write a plugin for it. Have a bundle of useful scripts you use frequently? Convert them into a plugin for Walkoff. Does your company have a product with a public API? Write a plugin for it and reach more people. Interested in learning Python? This is an easy way to learn the language. If you can write something useful in Python, you can write a plugin for the platform. Interested in learning Javascript? You can make interface plugins for the UI too.
  • We're interested in making Docker images for the product, and we could use some help. We are also investigating using a container orchestration tool of some sort.
  • We're looking for some frontend developers to streamline the UI

Any skill level is welcome


It depends on what you're looking to get out of it. The easiest way to contribute is to write an app (backend plugin using Python) or an interface (frontend plugin using Javascript and Python). The plugins can really be anything you're interested in working on. Plugins are a good place to start to get a feel for how Walkoff works.

I also see that you have a background in data science. Currently, we are collecting some primitive metrics for how often various actions and workflows are run. But seeing how the project has a focus on cybersecurity automation, I was thinking it could be useful to have some type of anomaly detection which can alert a user in some way if an action or workflow has an anomalous increase in execution frequency. Haven't fleshed that idea out too much though. And even then, that might be better deployed as an app or interface than a core feature.

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