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Completing the Todos #1 - The Beginning

Back in college, we had an assignment. We had to make a To Do List app, that followed all these different rules, using Firebase and AngularJS. My prof wanted me to use Onsen (because I'm just that good)(ha), but I didn't and stuck with the original rules.

Reader. This project broke me.

Everything was going fine until... it wasn't. The real kicker was that the code was all correct, and should have been working... but it wasn't. I spent WEEKS trying to figure out what was wrong. Me and my prof had SO MANY sessions and phone calls trying to figure it out.

And I didn't figure it out. Still got 110/100 on the project.

But now

I want to try it again. This project will not win. I will break it!

I might not use Firebase and AngularJS. From what I gather, there's something new called FireStore that I might have to look into. I've been looking into Vue a bit, and might try and figure that out. (If anyone has any recommendations, please leave them in the comments! I would be SO grateful.)

But we are starting from square 1. As I can do both UI/UX Design and Web Development, we're starting with wireframes.

And I'm excited. I can't wait to start this project and try to expand my knowledge, while at the same time trying to document it on here!

I've got a basic design in my head, and I think it will work? Hopefully?

This is just the beginning. The first To Do completed on the quest to create the ultimate To Do List.

Let's get this started.

~ Sharkie

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