Gimme your best Tech book recs!

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As the title says - I want some tech book recommendations! I don't usually read tech books, and that seems wrong.

I'm especially interested in anything front end related, design related, and in general something written in a fun, easy to read tone.

Fire away!

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As always there is an "awesome" list for this: awesome-programming-books. Don't Make Me Think is a UX book that has been recommended to me, but I can't recommend it myself, as I haven't read it.

Two things I would add:

  1. It matters more that you spend some time each week reading about tech, than that you have a highly optimized reading list. Be curious and knowledgeable!
  2. Since we all seem to agree the tech interview process is broken, I always recommend Cracking the Coding Interview.

Yeah, I'm always reading something tech-related online, but I wanted to try out some real, honest to goodness books. Just to see how those go!

And there is always a list. There will never not be a list. :P


The software craftsman by Sandro Mancuso is fantastic, it talks to why programmers should look at their work as something more than just a job, but rather a passion.


Ooo the more I look into it, the more I like the sound of it!

That's an instant add to the list!


That sounds great, thanks! I'm always up for a little bit of wisdom.


Everything previously mentioned, plus Code Complete by Steve McConnell and Clean Code by Robert Martin.

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