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Linux Post install Script

Hey Guys,

I recently wrote a small script to automate the post install section of a server set up. It did okay on r/usefulscripts so i thought i'd share here. If you're like me and break stuff all the time, saving time by not having type out all the commands when you are setting up your new machine up post install.

So after a few positive comments and a bits of feedback i have since worked on the post install script (new name) rather than calling it a set up script.

Combining a few of them into one big one, whilst also filling out the features a bit more, looking back the first script was a bit bare.

The new scripts include :

  • speedtest-cli
  • Fail2Ban config
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSH disable root login
  • SSH FTP server config
  • Optional install of Wireguard VPN server -
  • Optional install for docker with portainer management on port 9000
  • A message of the day system stats shown on login
  • System Clean up after the install

Coming Next:

  • Notification / Progress system credit: u/discogravy

Any feedback is appreciated, if you have an ideas please let me know and i can potentially make them optional installs

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