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John Peters
John Peters

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Is it time for a new job in 2021?

1) Are you excited to go to work every day or every other day?

2) Do you and your immediate peers respect each other?

3) Do you really like your head technical leaders? "Yes I learn a lot from them and they are really helpful and respectful".

4) Are your daily stand ups a way to solve impediments? "Yes we always focus on solving problems and do not feel embarrassed when due dates are missed".

5) Do you feel a nice collaborative environment? "Yes they listen to me and try to understand", "I feel my ideas really matter".

6) Are you satisfied with your current salary? "Yes, they pay me fairly for this sector and my skill level".

7) Are you only working on legacy stuff? "Well yes, but they promised us three years ago, we'd be going to the latest/greatest, we start next month".

Be honest with yourself by reaching deep to answer the questions above. Your job is never utopia as you know, but if it is hellish, your health is at stake. Is your health worth donating?

Going into 2021 make sure you 1) Save your health and 2) Get paid for what you are really worth.

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