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John Peters
John Peters

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Microsoft Edge!

Edge has radically changed and seems it may give Chrome a run for the money!

I just decided to try Edge again. I jettisoned all Microsoft Browser use around IE10 time. Reason:

Chrome did things right, while MSFTs proprietary ways hindered the developer (massively).

I haven't tried any development work in it yet, but these are the things I really like about it.

  • Interface in dark mode is fantastic.
  • Fast.
  • Imports all bookmarks from Chrome easily.
  • Ties in perfectly (for Profiles) associated with Microsoft sign ins. Which I still use for Azure and other things.
  • It's News Feed page is excellent looking and keeps my interest with a seemingly endless graphical preview of things to read.

Note: I dislike Microsoft for how they threw their own development community under the bus so many times in the past. However, if this tool is a good one and helps me personally as a developer, then that's good.

Here's the Microsoft News page which shows up by default... and is totally customizable.

Alt Text

Update Jan 2021, Edge is much faster to start up than Chrome. I made the switch recently and am on Edge full-time now.

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