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Beginners Guide to Live Streaming Code on Twitch in 2020

I started live streaming code on Twitch last year, and at Linux Conf AU in January I gave a talk about live streaming “How to live stream on Twitch and YouTube” that was live streamed on my channel.

In this talk, I cover a lot of the mechanics and technology of streaming: the software (OBS / Ecamm Live), streaming platforms, microphones, control surfaces, lighting, and using a green screen. I show both ends of the spectrum: the ultra-high end and the “get started now in your garage”.

Check out the archives of some of my live coding sessions in the archive in this YouTube playlist.

If you stream, let me know. I love checking out other people’s streams.Suz Hinton (noopkat) and MPJ inspired me to start streaming, and if this helps someone else get started, then I’d consider that paying it forward.

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