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Hi everyone. I'm currently doing web development with Python/Django. In the past, I also did PHP (still love it). I'm also interested in web deployment, like Heroku and currently researching into deployment mechanism that we can use in house, like Flynn and Convox.

what's a non-dev thing you're doing lately?

I want to write novel or short story, but never got pass the first paragraph :D


Oh, I've also been working remotely in the past 7 years, so it also among the topic of my interest ;)


I want to write on sci-fi and fantasy in Malay (my mother tongue) which I think still a niche. Not much good story I've found yet in this genre. So far what I have in mind is about life on mars, slap on with some politic to touch on issue with corruption, which a very sensitive issue locally and using mars as a background, allow me more freedom in tinkering with the issue.

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