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I am Going To Break for 5 days

EDIT - I might be returning sooner than 5 days as I am finally calmed from the infinite comments, especially after turning off comments for those articles. I am looking for what to write about, and I might have a couple topics to look into.

The two articles I wrote about why Linux was successful, pushing me from maybe 500 views to over 100,000 in just a couple days. That said - a little overwhelming. I love those articles but I think the point of them being biased is just terrible. I am leaving not to work on my writing style - y'all can tell me what I suck at better than me - but rather to just think on what next. To be frank, I wasn't expecting the massive influx of viewers and comments and it got to the point where I just skipped comment after comment, and so I want to sit back and try to see what I can write about that would be more worthwhile than just what equates to me just typing out of my buttox with flimsy logic.

I found the response both heartbreaking yet amazing, and I will not be answering comments until I am back with a fresh mindset, read to take on the universe.

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Ben Halpern

Thank you so much for your contributions. I know your posts blew up and it is unsurprisingly overwhelming. Following along the threads I saw that there were a lot of encouraging replies as well as some jerks. Please do not hesitate to report users or use the hide comment functionality on your posts as you see fit. Thanks for being an awesome member of the community and a great ambassador for open source.

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Karan Gandhi

Take care ! I liked your TLD article most :) .