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Kimberly Kohel-Hayes
Kimberly Kohel-Hayes

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Creating A Personal Website with the Pure Framework

Creating this website has been a road of trial and error for me. The last time I was actively creating websites Java Script was in its infancy. You only designed websites for laptops and desktops because that's all that they could be viewed on. What I remember of HTML has changed quite a bit and CSS and JS are pretty new to me. I researched grids, flexbox and frameworks exhaustively. I tried 3 different frameworks and my own grid before I settled on Pure.

Here is what the home page looked like originally:

Original Home Page

I couldn't scroll down, the mobile looked terrible, but this one view was pretty good. If that was all I was looking for then I was fine, unfortunately, that was not the user experience that I was going for. So I gave up on writing my own grid.

Neither of the first two frameworks that I looked at gave me the flexibility that I was looking for, so I end up looking for small frameworks. That is how I found Pure. It's small, lightweight and easy to use. With it I was eventually able to create a mobile friendly site that utilizes a small amount of Java Script. I was able to combine two of their layouts to make my blog viewer friendly.

I learned a lot of CSS in this journey. I really like Pure, but I'd like to be able to design my own layout next time.

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Stephan Nijman

Purecss is really great for responsive grids. especialy if you have to support older browsers. If not, something like css grid would be much lighter. Nevertheless i love it and use it a lot! You picked a nice framework there! 😊