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kallmanation profile image Nathan Kallman ・2 min read

Last week I hit two modest milestones in my writing. I thought I'd share as I'm interested in how others are succeeding.

Over the last 26 weeks I've written at least one article/post (I guess make that 27 now?). Totaling 34 (now 35) posts on DEV.

I've gotten over 10,000 views across them all (milestone #1) for an average of ~290 views per post. I also just crossed 200 followers (thanks everyone, milestone #2), so I've averaged ~125% views per follower... which is.. good, I guess?

My most reacted to article was my last one (check it out?):

My most commented article is (unsurprisingly) my #challenge:

And my most viewed articles are both from my With Only CSS series:

(at ~2600 and ~2400 views respectively; these two represent half of my total views... making up for all the less than 25 view posts I've made)

Which was surprising to me as I wrote this as I remember those articles not doing very well at all when they were first published.

I've also set up Web Monitization and a Buy Me a Coffee page. Which has gotten me a grand total of... wait for it: five cents!

Okay, obviously none of these numbers are amazing or gigantic; but I'm proud of what I've done over the last 26 weeks, and I think I'll continue writing for the < 25 people who read my regular work. Thanks! Peace

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