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Dev.to Writing: RSS

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I saw a question yesterday about RSS:

The short answer is: Yes! DEV automatically provides RSS feeds. Erick Ruiz de Chavez already beat me to the answer; but let's expand this.

Looking at the FAQ, all the way at the bottom, we see three examples of feeds that can be followed:

  1. The main https://dev.to/feed (for those just wanting the firehose of DEV content)
  2. User based feeds, like https://dev.to/feed/kallmanation
  3. Tag based feeds, like https://dev.to/feed/tag/meta or https://dev.to/feed/tag/writing or https://dev.to/feed/tag/tutorial

Think something else should be an RSS feed? Start a feature request on forem (the open source software powering DEV).

Thanks for reading!

If you have a question of your own about DEV, just ask in a comment, I read all of them. I love trying to help others answer their questions!

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