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Dev.to Writing: Polls?!

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Since @ben refused to answer my question on how to setup polls (like this one), I had to find out for myself!

There's no reference to it in any of the documentation... so I went to the source.

Digging into forem (the open source code that powers DEV) I found references to the poll liquid tag.

It's hard to infer just by looking at the code, but based on how tags work (and how I would implement it), I believe starting a poll on DEV looks something like so:

{% poll "Is this how you start a poll?" "Yes" "No" %}

So I threw that into my post and:
Error message stating "Whoops, something went wrong: base User is not permitted to use this liquid tag

I guess those lines in the PollTag class are working:


And surprisingly it seems like I'm not an admin or a super_admin...

I guess until the almighty @ben and company decide to release such a magical feature to us unwashed masses we'll have to go about this another way:

If you think polls should become a widely available feature, react with a πŸ¦„
If you think polls are a blessing only the elite should disseminate, react with a ❀️
If you want to check back in on the status of this poll, react with a πŸ”–

Thanks for reading!

If you have a question of your own about DEV, just ask in a comment. I read all of them and would love to add another post in this series that will actually help other writers in this awesome community!

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Ben talks about polls here:

and the Github issue can be found here - github.com/forem/forem/issues/1512 - although is hasn't had an update since Ben's post 😒


Awesome! I must have missed that post, thanks!