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11 Secret Mantras To Develop Successful Marketing Apps

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The number of apps available for downloading from the world’s leading app stores includes more than 4 million and almost all the enterprises fully understand that meticulous marketing strategy is the standalone option in the world of today.

When the web-developers push the focus on mobile app development and it allows one to build an app that functions properly is the central factor for success. On the other hand, if users aren’t able to work hard then their entire work remains worthless.   

Importance of Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing covers every user interaction from the moment they learn about the products to the time when the products can become a loyal user. Thus, marketing a mobile app effectively involves the way of defining a target audience.

Mobile marketing apps help users to know about different ways of targeting the audience and in analysing different ways of communicating to different customers. The major goal of mobile app marketing strategy is done to acquire users that will not only drive engagement but will also become loyalists for the product.

Know some of the amazing steps of developing an app related to marketing strategy which is designed for getting success. 

1. Work harder at the Pre-Launch Stage 

Step Into the Shoes of Audience-As it is known that the mobile app marketing strategy is established even before the launch of a product. This is the stage where the building brand awareness and product visibility. It also specifies web-developers to know about the targeted audience and brings the stage where the brand’s presence is made. Thus, it is important for one to discover a stage where they can easily target their audience

Brand awareness- Brand awareness is highly necessary because it helps a brand to sail through the values and purposes and also include individual product features. It is said that defining the brand’s position gives users a chance to connect with their product on a deeper level. Given below are the list of steps and strategies that are required in creating the awareness stage of their marketing plan.

2. Determine the Launch Date

Apply Strict Process-If you are creating an app on the website of Apple then you need to follow a strict procedure that may delay your process or encounter a setback that you might not have even anticipated.

Early Planning-Pre-planning for an advanced output offers an adequate time to prepare for their product’s hard launch  and even allows one to foresee and predict contingencies that might occur too.

Advice-Whenever you plan to launch the date, then pay attention to different sets of events that are occurring in your business field.  

3. Conduct Market Research To Understand Your Customers

Rely Upon Market Research- Being a B2B marketer, you need to know the most common mistakes that can happen at the time of advertising the brand at digital media portals. It can only happen when proper emphasis is placed on the market research. 

Help Users-The major aim of doing the market research is to help the audience know exactly what all marketing efforts aren’t considered fruitful if they don’t address the pain-point of the audience. Probably this is the reason why the particular designed product might not succeed. 

Advice-Always give weight importance to identification and research in most of the influential blogs, groups, forums, as well as websites to target audience visits along with influencers that they might not follow on social media.

4. Create User Personas

Focus More On Buying Behaviour-One of the core objectives to identify the awareness stage lies in discovering the target user and in valuing them and also in finding the central pain point that many of them might experience that their products can address

Perhaps, this is a reason why multiple user groups exist for the mobile app and each user persona will have an unique user journey.

What exactly is the user personas?

Understanding The Psychology of a Buyer-User Personas are used for addressing the central goals of the user as well as the challenges that they often face. It is generally said that the in-depth user personas do create the foundation for user journey design and also help in customizing every aspect of the mobile products according to the preference of users.

It includes everything ranging from branding to in-app content as well as functionality, features, platform choice as well as monetization strategy that is needed to resonate with their targeted audience. Thus, it allows one to thoroughly outline their targeted audience with the help of user personas.

For an assumption

  • What exactly is the central pain point of the audience after buying the collective product?
  • What are the different types of mobile operating systems that have been used by the audience?
  • What are the different types of content that an audience like to get engaged with?
  • Do the users follow any type of reputable influencer in the product’s vertical on social media platforms?
  • What are the different types of platforms that are used to leverage for paid marketing?

Thus, by using the personas to answer questions that will help others coordinate design, business, and marketing decisions to attract the right audience for their product.

5. Conduct A Competitive Analysis

Analyse the Strength of Your Competitor- As it is said that every app has competition with others in the market, all you need to do is to create the list of top five competitors, their current price, monetization model, app store as well user experience (UX), pros, cons and notable reviews. Perhaps, these are the importance considerations that should influence the entire app marketing approach.

6. Creation of Landing pages

Source of App Installs-Most of the mobile websites are constituted as the number one source of app installs. Thus, creating a pre-launch landing page or at-least the teaser video for their product is the way to become a standardised practice.

Why having a pre launch website is the great way to do some early search engine optimization?

This is because by setting up the website one can easily collect emails mailed by the subscribers and even have the domain authority. It is a quite useful way that allows one to have mobile app launches as well as new updates and features. Thus it is quite beneficial in showcasing 5-star  reviews on the website.

7. Increase Initiative

Analyse Different Aspects of Growth-It is considered as the most overlooked aspect of marketing a new mobile product that is used in increasing the initiatives by contacting influencers, publications, as well as bloggers to secure backlinks and also in providing honest reviews. 

Creation of List- It also allows in making the list of contacts that are relevant to the industry or niche that interests them in writing about them and also reviewing them.  

It is a technique that is quite helpful in keeping the pitch precise with the link focused to their press kit as well as landing page.

8. Promote on Social Media

Best Way of Marketing-Considered as one of the best ways to market an app lies in promoting to the different social media portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Enhances Communication-Perhaps this is the only way that will let you to expand your web presence and also helps one to directly communicate with their targeted audience. If the app targets a specific age group then one can easily identify the most popular people who like your product.

Given Below are some of the considerations that one need to decide.

  • Offer clearance at the first sight that your product does also have the app.
  • Mention the purpose of the app
  • Mention the link to download it.
  • Prefer posting the updates of the company as well as features that help followers to attain the piece of information that they were looking for.
  • Prefer the usage of hash tags and use them quite often while posting the blog-posts relevant to the features of the products.

9. Creation of Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t wait, start writing the blogs related to the app before its launch. In the blog-post, boast about the app’s features and showcase screenshots as well as videos.

  • Here are some of the best benefits related to content marketing of their app.
  • Drive traffic and conversions and brand awareness with the content
  • Try to build a brand around the app by the team of experts in their niche.
  • Publish well-framed content that is able to build trust.  
  •  Content blogging can be used for email marketing as well as in re-engaging contacts as well as social media.

10. Efficient Use Of App Store Optimization

High Ranking of Webpages-It allows the web-developer to rank their page in higher search results and then convert them at a higher rate. 

By how much percentage are apps discovered on the App Store? Are they helpful in increasing the revenue of the company?

Recognition of Apps-It is said more than 65% of the apps are discovered from the search in the App store directly. The higher an app ranks, the more will be its visibility.  Perhaps it leads to more downloads by users and allows your app to get observed by editors.

What are all the certain factors to maximise the reach of applications and to attract users?

Highly Dependent Upon The Choice of Keywords-A good app store optimization is always dependent upon the array of factors that include title and the choice of keywords.  This also helps the content-creators to add titles that remain more authentic  according to the Google Algorithms. 

This is the reason why users get hooked to the particular website and their clicks on the specific applications do generate more and more revenue too. 

Easy Navigation-As a B2B marketer always conveys the web-developer to add more features and benefits too that will be much more useful for the user to navigate the app. To add more interactivity in your application, you can also add screenshots and videos too. 

Language translation- There is a huge volume of internet users and many of them speak different languages and live in different regions. Thus , adding the options of translating the pages of application can turn out to be more fruitful for your e-commerce business. 

11. Create a Two-way Communication

Make Your App More User Friendly- Always remember , the more subtle your app experience, the more likely are the chances that the user will continue to use the product. 

Usage of in-app messages- Most brands are using in-app messages to communicate with different users and also in analyzing whether the retention of informative messages happens within 28 days of receiving the feedback from the end of customers. 

Early Notifications Leading Early Resolve- In app-messages, the web-developers of B2B companies receive early notifications regarding the queries placed by the customers. These warnings can include issues, payment failures as well as system upgrade too. 

Helps in Segmenting the Audience- By receiving the in-app messages, you can easily segment your own audience then think of launching goods or services by keeping their buying capacity in mind.  


Designing marketing apps is as easy as creating a website on WordPress Builder. All you need is quality content, amazing graphics, landing pages, great testimonials and active Calls to Actions process that drives more and more traffic.

Right Decisions at Right Time

In the end, the most important thing is to take the right set of decisions at the right time. Never ever trust the advice of anyone else until and unless you haven’t collaborated with a quality B2B marketer as well as effective website designer. 


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