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Discussion on: Making Sense of Syntax

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Quentin Delcourt

3 lines of clear code > 1 line of cryptic code

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Jason C. McDonald

Oh, that's a keeper. :D

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Matt Kane

I wrote the code that Laurie reviewed, and I do agree with everyone criticising it. The spreads in particular are very inefficient. In my defense, perhaps I should explain what the code was actually doing. The real obj1 and obj2 were actually packageJson.devDependencies and packageJson.dependencies, and originally I had been creating a combined list of dependencies, which I was then using elsewhere. When I simplified it into a single check, I didn't then also refactor out the spread. But that's what code reviews are for! The version that I ended up committing was something like:

function isGatsbySite(packageJson) {
    return !!(packageJson.dependencies?.gatsby || packageJson.devDependencies?.gatsby)

...except it was actually TypeScript. The !! was because the return value was a boolean. I supposed I could've used a Boolean cast there. 🤷‍♂️

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Quentin Delcourt

Thanks for the answer, nice to know the "behind the scenes" 😄
I think in another comment Sebastian mentioned that depending on the target audience of the code, it may or may not be relevant to use some code conventions.
Personally when I see "!!" I know what it means but the first time I encountered it I was really puzzled 🙂
But again, context is everything. In this case, I'd say that the fact that the function is named "isGatsbySite" is more than enough to clarify the code.

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Laurie Author

I’d argue that it was a reasonable way of doing it. Was there a way to simplify it? Sure. But it wasn’t egregious. Plus, I learned something :)