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Hello everyone, I understand that you might be saying, ah! Why VUEJS I thought its for front end developers, why the stress? but in this article, I will show you why it’s necessary to have at least an experience with VUEJS as backend developer.

My Reasons why i learn VUEJS as a backend developer.

My Reasons why i learn VUEJS as a backend developer

My Reasons why i learn VUEJS as a backend developer

1. My Job Position

One of my point will be JOB, what if you are working in a startup or a company who cannot afford the expense of division of labor. You see, your job position as a backend developer will at least need you to know how to generate request and response using VUEJS.

I also understand the fact that this will depend if your company is currently using VUEJS as their front end framework, but well, am taking the experience from my case were I have a similar situation, I recently joined a 4-month team for a contract job as a backend developer and my JD requires that I learn VUEJS as one of the requirement, which is the reason why I have to learn VUEJS as a backend developer.

2. Reusable Components

If the above point is not enough for you what about Server-Side Rendering, since backend developers like you care more about servers wouldn’t it be great if you save yourself stress by reusing some of the components already created by your front-end team, by reusing these components you stand a chance of getting:

  1. Better SEO
  2. Faster time to content especially on slow internet or slow devices.

So, to achieve all this as a backend developer you need to at least learn VUEJS.

In my 4 months contract job as a backend developer, after discovering the usefulness and reusing components and a VUEJS developer was brought in, it made my job as a backend developer a lot easier because I simply just reused the components created by the VUEJS dev, simply because I have a basic knowledge of how to use it.

3. Real time Implementation (Reactivity System)

Still not satisfy? another great reason will be to understand and tap into VUEJS Reactivity System which can help in performing real time validation, updates and Instant feedback.

The VUEJS Reactivity System is so simple and easy to understand and implement, it assisted me create a real time admin dashboard for the company and I fall in love with it from then, because I really love creating real time applications and VUEJS made It possible for me even when am not a frontend developer full time.

4. Laravel-Vue Integration.

One sweet thing about VUEJS that made me to love it the more is that its automatically integrated in my number one love LARAVEL, so if you are a Laravel developer working with VUEJS will be like A, B, C, D to you because Laravel supports it right from the box. So, you don’t have to be a JavaScript or frontend god to setup VUEJS and get your application to production in a jiffy.

5. Upgrade my Portfolio.

If you are still curious and saying and what again!!!, well in my opinion just to add VUEJS to your skillset and portfolio because as a backend developer, its necessary to understand a little about frontend development maybe you can start with VUEJS.

Wrapping up

I understand that all the above listed here can be achieved with other frameworks, also am not trying to compare VUEJS with other frameworks, but the article is just to list out my personal reasons why i learnt VUEJS as a developer today even if i focus more on backend stack.

The list will be updated based on your contributions via comment section, as a backend developer, why did you learn VUEJS or why will you learn it.

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Milo Silva

Nice article! Can you explain how Server-side Rendering enables a faster time to content (at slower internet speeds) compared to Client-side-rendering SPAs?

is this scalable for large size applications with lots of content and pages vs lightweight applications?