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I cut my hair for an interview -oh! No!

karlredman profile image Karl N. Redman Updated on ・2 min read

In 2001 my hair had grown down to the middle of my back.After 911 I was laid off from Veriscape (they lost $12 million in funding -but you are welcome for my automatons for your robocalls). I had insanely long, flowing hair at that time -it took me 4 years to grow it that long.

After 911 the software engineering market go really tight, very conservative -in dress, in manner, 'brain bench' tests, etc. BTW, I ranked in the top 3% of all c++ 'brain bench' tests bake then -heh, the concept is laughable these days. But it was a big deal back then. So I decided to start consulting!

It wasn't hard to get c++ interviews after 911 for me. I had the 'street cred' in the Chicago financial community as a 24/7,work hard, play hard, all out,no bullshit, developer. I felt that I wanted a break from the financial developer world so I sought out other venues.

My first venture into 'massive infrastructure' companies was with Motorola. It was a job I had never worked. It was developing 3g phones (not apps -phones) for 3g. For Motorola!. The job payed $55/hour with a 6mo. contract -to hire after that. Wow did I want to work for those guys.

The big issue was that I had a lot of hair. Like 3 feet+ of it. 2 days before the Motorola interview, I was sure I had the can see, I'm sure, where this is going.. I got my hair cut. I got the standard business style cut thing for the times. The person cutting my hair literally cried the entire time. It was kind of traumatic for both of us -although not so much over the hair from my point of view...

And I didn't get the job. Not at all. Was totally turned down -hairless. But I looked damn good for the next job interview! -and scored that one.

So, today I cut my hair. I'd been growing it these past 3 years of my 'sabbatical from society (try to explain that in an interview!)'. And it seems somewhat important to me to mention that I really, really, don't like having long hair in the first place. I don't know how other people even tolerate it... because I just always wanted to cut it, but then I'd get busy and time would go buy and, more hair! And in some ways it defined me. So I miss it. And, I'm a huge anti-webber person but... Hair!

Anyway, I shaved the long hair last night so that I 'look' more presentable in upcoming interviews. Nobody cried this time but, funny this, I miss it!

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Eric Sández

I'm on my way to that mid back long hair (I'm near that and it took me 2 years and a half) and I've always said that I won't work for someone that won't hire me because of how I look. I can understand that they want a specific image if you're gonna meet some clients or whatever, but for a dev that won't have to ever see that people I find pointless that we can't dress or look the way we want.

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Karl N. Redman Author

gratz on the 2.5 years! It's a journey :D

Also, I agree with you in principle. Sadly though, devs aren't always the ones making the hiring decisions -especially for contract jobs and high-end financial companies. While I disagree with a company having superficial dress codes, and the like, I also will be needing a paycheck soon. I can't afford to be picky about which evil empire I will work for right now.

When I start my own company, or when I've re-established my self in the industry then, I'll likely be a bit more rebellious.

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Eric Sández

I've had to swallow my pride more than once, so I fully understand you. Let's start the long hair revolution!

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Originally Answered: Why do women generally have long hair?
Long hair is traditionally considered a symbol of good fertility. In the past, long hair was considered a pride for people and both men and women used to sport them. Only some men who indulge in heavy labor and where long hair is a hindrance in the work to be done were the manes shortened. This still happens in some cultures. The tradition of men cutting their hair short started very recently, probably around the end of the Victorian Era in England sometime in the early nineteenth century, from where it found its way across the world.

Speaking from style perspectives, long hair suits women in general because they have relatively small skull sizes. Longer hair helps give the head some balance, in terms of appearance. Also, it makes the head look bigger, and biologically speaking bigger heads are considered an evolutionary advantage.

In comparison, men who have larger heads and shorter hair do not do any harm to their appearance.

But there is no hard rule that women have to have long hair and men shorter hair. It is simply a social practice and everybody has the freedom to choose whatever hair they like. Source.