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Karl N. Redman
Karl N. Redman

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Keycloak v5 + Gatekeeper v5: Flowcharts - Easily Create and Restrict an Isolated (IODC) Client Service by Group-Role

This is another artifact from an upcoming series of articles that I'm writing for creating a home/laptop development laboratory ecosystem. I'm sharing these artifacts now because the series that I'm writing won't be released for at least a month (It's a huge undertaking -for me).

These flow charts demonstrate the simplest form (IMHO) of creating Keycloak client services behind an authentication/authorization proxy (Keycloak Gatekeeper). I imagine that if you are reading this article you are already frustrated with just creating a simple client in Keycloak and/or trying to figure out how to restrict authorization so that only specific users of a group are allowed to log in via Keycloak. Hopefully this is enough of a clue to help people until I am able to publish the article series as a whole.

Artifact Specifics:

Flowchart Caveates:

  • whoami: The example client service being created
  • auth_user: A User created to log in the whoami service
  • whoami_group: A User Group mapped to a client role for authorization by Keycloak Gatekeeper
  • The URL of our client service

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patlachance profile image

Hi, typo? IODC => OIDC?