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6 years into our $3MN bootstrapped startup => Rebranded and launched ๐Ÿš€

Hey everyone,

We have been bootstrapping our startup for almost ~6 years now. The journey has been tough but also rewarding. It has been a slow burn for us to get to $3 million.

We decided to rebrand and productize our entire experience with a solid product. So, this new version of Flexiple has been launched that on Product hunt.

Would love your support:! :)

BUT, why did we rebrand & work hard on product?

So, hereโ€™s how our journey looked till now:

  1. Finding first 10 customers
    =>Through outbound hustle!
    Basically, we leveraged our personal network. Used LinkedIn a lot for this and there was a lot of shameless outreach to friends and friends of friends :P. It is painful, but also a great way to take control of actually generating momentum.

  2. Scaling customer acquisition
    => Building strong inbound pipelines
    Well, as we got clients through step 1, we got some breathing space to implement slightly long-term initiatives. This involved working hard on SEO, building a social presence and more. This was a slow burn. We did try paid channels but our industry has some prohibitive costs and that stage we couldnโ€™t afford to compete on that front.

  3. Cementing our position in the industry
    => Through effective branding & productization
    It is no secret that this industry is super competitive and one can get lost in it. It is also a market (like most others, but more so) highly dependent on building trust with your customers.

Till now, we had worked scrappily in establishing a real business - our marketing website was on $10/month NoCode platform (Unicorn platform) ๐Ÿ˜…

But, after scaling to $3 million, we felt that we had done that part to a good degree. Now we needed to ensure that we have our own identity and also back it up with a robust experience on our platform. Hence, this new launch :)

Once again, your support on Product hunt would mean a lot to me:

Would also love to hear your thoughts & feedback :)

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