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Unlock your startup’s potential by automating internal processes

As your starup grows, the processes that worked initially slowly start breaking down. So how do we tackle it? - By automating your internal processes.

So, automating & building for scale from Day 1 of your startup is a mistake. You are going to be tweaking many processes and even getting rid of some. So, wait for internal flows to stabilise and then identify the tasks that suck the most amount of your time.

But yes, then manual processes will cause errors, cost you new initiatives and become more challenging. So, in the report, we break it into:

  1. Identifying areas to automate
  2. Finding the right tools
  3. Of course, implementing the automation

We discuss these three steps including the usage of CRMs, Airtable and Zapier/Integromat.

I also share, multiple other tools that supercharge processes! All this in this report. It is just 5 mins, as promised :).

If you would like it even shorter, I've summarised it on Twitter - here's the thread below!

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