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I want to understand the deal with Google Ads

Today, let us discuss about an important channel to get quality leads for your startup - Google Ads

Why Google Ads?

You see, SEO takes time and it isn't always possible to rank for all keywords.

However, Google Ads:
a. Gives you the ability to present yourself in front of a potential customer immediately
b. Has almost no dependence on your domain's reputation
c. All this when customers are searching for something relevant to your product

This is a power most other channels can't give you.

So, we discuss the process of:

  1. Keyword research: Steps, tips & also great tools.
  2. Writing Ad copy: Pointers to improve quality score.
  3. Landing page optimisation: Focus on both quality score & conversion.

I discuss all this in quite a bit of detail, in this report. Do give it a read. Just 5 mins from your schedule - please :).

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