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I want to improve the reach of my LinkedIn posts

Today, let's talk about one of the most important tool in building an effective marketing strategy for your business - your personal brand! It has so much upside that I would suggest you start working on it even before you begin working on your startup idea.

Using LinkedIn to build your personal brand

To grow your brand, we primarily focus on LinkedIn. Yes, typically when you think of LinkedIn, you probably imagine outbound efforts. But that's quite time & effort-intensive, making it tough to scale.

So, building a good audience on LinkedIn through consistent posts helps you set up an inbound pipeline of leads. What's more, it is much easier to get traction on LinkedIn than Twitter.

But, what are the steps?

The report broadly beaks it into 4 parts:

  1. Content type: Of course, a clear focus on quality & type of content that aligns with your target audience as well as your interests.

  2. Post structure: Getting your first line right, keeping sentences short & simple while avoiding link drops.

  3. Building your LinkedIn account: Ramping your connections and optimising your personal profile for conversions.

  4. Acing LinkedIn's algorithm: Using the first hour of your post smartly while avoiding external links in the content.

Where are the hacks? Is that it?

Of course, not. I take you deep into each of these steps which involves using tools like Phantombuster, Lempod, etc. I share examples from my experience and a lot more.

Of course, all this in 5 mins. Just click here to get started.

If you would like it even shorter, I have summarised on Twitter: Tweet Link!

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