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Making a product launch video in 2 hours

Hey Everyone,

Along with the million things we do when we launch our products, many of us might want to make a launch video. They are honestly super costly if we go to agencies.

So, when I wanted to launch Scale, I decided to make one myself, quickly.

From ideation to finish it took me about 2 hours.

In this article, I will share:

  • Process
  • Actual video
  • Results


Here's how I went about it.

  1. I looked through online video editing software, but couldn't zero in on one that really suited the product video that I was trying to make.

  2. Thereon, I looked at iMovie and was thinking of writing a proper script and then shooting relevant video pieces accordingly.

  3. While doing so, I chanced upon iMovie trailers. They were quite funny and were almost like hollywood spoofs. I also wanted to make something that was funny rather than one that focused on the quality of the video made (which wasn't going to be top-level).

  4. The good & bad about iMovie trailers is that they are highly-constrained. So, you can't change the script too much. That worked out well for me, as I then thought of the content (video and text) in accordance to that. It also meant that video editing would be very minimal.

  5. I quickly wrote text in the said places and started cutting & adding video clips. And soon, I had the video!

The video

You can watch the video here:

Recreating The Office Wedding Dance

Video vs. text

Videos do better than text almost every time. Even social media platforms promote media more than text.

Sure, my video is clearly not a "professional-quality" video, but I felt it was fine.

  • I got about 2000 views on LinkedIn

  • Around 700 impressions (only 120 views on the video) on Twitter. But my follower count also increased by 10 (small wins :P).

Parting thoughts

Have you worked on any video for your launch? Do share in the comments below :)

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