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The Startup of My Career in Tech

The decision was so clear and happened so fast I almost didn't trust it. I was driving home from a meeting with a recruiter and realized it wasn't my job I was bored with, it was my career. I casually asked myself if I was back in college and doing it all over, what would I want to do? Coding erupted like it had been the kid in class waving it's hand in the air begging to be called on.

Do I even know what that actually means? Is that something that is just “cool these days and is on my mind? Does that mean I have to go back to college and get another degree? Do I even know a single person who “codes”? Do women code? Am I too old to learn something completely different? Would that be wasting the business degree I already have?

As I perused through the questions that started to arise I remembered building my first ever website in middle school. My family had evacuated for a hurricane, I sat at a family member's computer writing HTML and creating a website about the hurricane that was heading our way. I smiled at the joy I got from creating something and instantly seeing it pop up on the screen. Then I realized that was almost 20 years ago!

For the next few weeks I did extensive research on switching careers into web development, discovered coding bootcamps, used Code School and Code Academy to see if I actually enjoyed “coding and attended meetups to speak with people in my own community who have completed career changes through coding bootcamps.

Within a month from that moment in the car I had started the online web development bootcamp with Bloc and the startup of my career in tech had launched!

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