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Emanuele Bartolesi
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Event tips and tricks: easily find connections on Linkedin

In these days I am at Collaboration Summit in Wiesbaden.
As always, Content is King, but connections and networking are the main reasons to come to these kinds of events.

How can you optimize these experiences?
How can grab all contacts for every people I met there?

With LinkedIn, you have two options.

QR Code

If you meet a new person during the event, you can share your contact one to one directly.
Without any search on the LinkedIn toolbar and without the embarrassing when you ask "Sorry, can you remember me your name?".
Just scan a QR Code with your phone and vice versa.

From the main window of the app, you can click in the upper corner of the search bar.

From this screen, if you tap on "My Code", you can share your QR Code with someone, or you can save the code in your gallery to share your data more quickly later or to add the image on your slide deck, for example.

If you come back to the previous screen, you can scan a QR Code from another phone or from a picture in the gallery.

Find Nearby

This is one of my favorite feature on LinkedIn.
It's useful when you are in a big place with many people or you can use this feature when you speak at an event or in a meeting full of persons.

From the main screen of the LinkedIn app, tap on the "Network" icons at the bottom.
Now, in the middle of the main bar at the top, you can tap the button "Find nearby".
The first time you have to consent the access to the Bluetooth settings for the app.
If you activate this feature, when you have LinkedIn opened on your phone, the people who are on the same screen, start to appear in the list.
Now, with a single tap on the name, you can start to add them to your contacts.

It's really useful at the end of a meeting or at the end of a public speech.


With these two easy and quick features, you can surprise your friends and colleagues, but first of all, can help you to find new business contacts.

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