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How to create an awesome GitHub profile README

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Recently GitHub released a new feature that allows users to create a README file and use it as a profile description in the user homepage.

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They choose to use a Readme file because it supports markdown and this type of file is the default content file type on the platform.
In addition, markdown it's very simple to use and it's very easy to create visual content with less effort.

First steps to create your own profile README

To create a profile README it's very easy.

  • Create a new repository with the following link https://github.com/new or from GitHub homepage, click on "New Repository" in the top right corner menu.
  • The repository name must be exactly the same as your username (including casing)
  • Remember to check the "Initialize this repository with a README" at the bottom of the form

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ProTip: if you see the green box below your repository name, you are doing right.

Next steps

Now the only limit is your imagination.
You can add in your profile README everything: banner image, text, links.

ProTip: use Canva.com to create a banner in 2 minutes and 10 clicks


Try to find some inspiration from other profile README on GitHub and create your special one.
Check out my profile README: https://github.com/kasuken

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