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Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos
Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos

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Writing code is tough

Writing code is hard, it's difficult because it requires isolation, you have to banish any noise, anything that can disorient you, it's like you have to wear blindfolds to write. It is very lonely, it is a process that comes and isolates you from friends, from acquaintances, FROM LIFE ITSELF - this is how I perceive it, if you want to do it right. I can start something with enthusiasm and then I go into the process of judging it very strictly and what I liked on Monday, on Tuesday I no longer like. It is a difficult process but in the end it always makes you proud.

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I definitely relate to this, especially since the covid pandemic. nowadays I even find myself self trying to change up my workspace and find other activities since coding can actually take a toll on your morale.