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Kathryn Grayson Nanz
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Your Thoughts on Design as a Developer

For better or worse, developers are often asked to make design decisions – this may be during a side project you're working on alone, at a startup that only has one (very busy) designer on staff, or filling in things that weren't specified in a design-team-provided wireframe.

As a designer turned developer (turned developer advocate), one of my goals has been to try and bridge the gap between design and development. I've been writing and speaking about it a lot recently, and to that end: I'm curious to hear the areas where you, as a developer, struggle with design.

This could be very specific ("I have trouble picking the right font for my UIs", "Color schemes just really confuse me"), or it could be more broad ("What happens during the design process?", "We have a design system at work and I don't get how to use it"). You can also totally just vent about things that irritate you re: the design side of things! I want to hear it all, and maybe help where I can.

What do you find frustrating or confusing about design in your day-to-day work, that you wish someone could explain to you?

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Natália Satie

I find most frustrating when a design system isn't capable to acheive the actions we want to. In a project i got caught in developing a complex front-end system with Atlaskit library, it was really frustrating to design as we wanted to, because the system itself isnt made to be customizable! A design system need to be chosen, aside being beautiful, compartible to the features needed