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Nevertheless, she podcasted

Official Salesforce Developers podcast host Josh Birk is so much fun to geek out with!

Following up from Cactusforce, our working title was "APIs are for everybody," but we threw in the whole kitchen sink of admineloper-ey goodness about Salesforce Flow, data modeling, testing, Apex for beginners, user-oriented automation design, Python -- and yes, APIs! -- that the final show, hot off the presses, is called Data Development and Integrations.

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I can't believe my episode dropped on International Women's Day (hence my title). What a fun surprise (I got the news from a listener). I've been working hard on my public speaking, and this is my first time being a guest on a radio-style podcast!

Here's the episode link, which includes show notes and a full transcript.

Here are some quick links for mentioning it on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

If you learn something new, please leave a comment here, or Tweet / LinkedIn your thoughts & questions. I'm excited to hear them.

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