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I think in addition to the "Reading List" section, a "Tools/Resources" section would be useful on, what say?

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ItsASine (Kayla)

I agree with the idea, though what I did for myself was keep GitLab snippets of interesting things, which eventually morphed into a list of articles and notes on them

ItsASine / resources

Notated and organized personal bookmarks, open sourced

Table of Contents



I have a habit of accumulating things to read which never actually get read.
To combat this, I went through and actually read everything that I wanted to at some point in time with the goal to open-source the knowledge gained from it.


  1. I highly suggest using your browser's search box to navigate to where you want to go
  2. Please click through to the original article or project to see it from the source if you find it interesting! This is very much just a cursory ELI5 of each link mostly to have them all in one place
  3. Let me know if this is helpful 😘

Build Process

This is built using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, though the original lists are in my GitLab Snippets.

It's a tad heavy-handed of a solution for the average use case, but I had almost 200 items on my Reading List, so I needed to manage it better.

This way, I got my Reading List down to 0 with knowing I had somewhere to reference neat things later. Now it's back up to 40 things. but it's nice having my Reading List back to being purely "to read".

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Nick Taylor

Consider opening a feature request in the repository.

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yes thanks

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Periklis Gkolias

how do you imagine it? What content will it have?

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I suppose something similar to the "Reading List" section for the UI part, with stuff that can be used or you plan to use later on, for example this article here "".
Of course you could always just place it on a mental shelf inside your brain and reach out for it from the "Reading List"section later on... this is just further organization of resources.

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Ben Halpern

I definitely agree with the general idea here, but it might need to be fleshed out a bit. Always a matter of finding the right generalized on-site tools. But the whole readinglist or "saved posts" area in general hasn't gotten love in a while. As @nickytonline mentioned, you're more than welcome to open an issue about this.

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Yassine Bridi

I think a better approach would be to create your own lists, rather than just a new section.
cool feature, post it in their github repo's issues