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Building Projects vs Doing the next online course.What should You Do?

Hello All! This is the first time I am writing a blog!! This is completely new to me which makes it more interesting!!!
Coming to the point straightaway,recently I have seen students debating over whether to do online courses on sites like Udemy,Coursera, Udacity etc. or to build projects on their own in order to gain a new skill. While this is a very common confusion among students let’s talk about the aspects of both.

Online Courses

Let’s talk about online courses.While sites like Udemy,Udacity etc. were already there from before, the online learning curve has seen a steep rise in this pandemic.While people are in their home,everyone is looking to use these sites to their advantage for learning new skills.Be it learning a new language or mastering the new framework currently in the market… curated courses are there for everything you are looking forward to learn!


Well…truly you cannot be good at anything unless you give it a try.Online courses are good enough to introduce you to libraries, frameworks,the basics of a language.But unless you yourself go out there and explore more on your own it won’t benefit much.


No of course not.But learning every new course out there just for the sake of certificates definitely is.The job of these sites is to lure you into buying courses which sometimes may not be very useful for you.You yourself have to figure out what exactly you need which will help you get the initial boost.

Building Projects

As I was saying earlier,no matter how many courses you get yourself enrolled into,if you truly want to master something,practice is the only key.
Building a project from scratch truly helps in strengthening your concept.You encounter thousands of difficulties…you search for the correct solution… you learn a lot of other things along the way.That’s how it should be.
After completing a course,instead of jumping into another,take some time.Build something with what you have learnt.Read the docs of the library/framework you came to know about in the course.If a project was built in the course improvise on that.Knowledge is not much of use if you are not applying it.


Do what suits you better.Some people are pretty comfortable going through the documentation and building something from scratch right from the start,others(including me) find a course more helpful to begin with.Totally depends on you.


I think I have made my point.While courses can be helpful to get you an introduction,only practice can make you better day by day.

At the end of the day only one thing matters.PRACTICE!

Woah! It’s been quite a long post.Hope you liked it.Feel free to drop a message if you did.

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