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Job Search Resources and Tips

As a former bootcamp graduate I have been attempting to cast a wide net in my job search. In doing so I have compiled a list of resources and tips that I have been utilizing which I hope is helpful for others in a similar position.

Job Boards/Networks

Skills-Based Recruiting

Interview Prep


  • Make a portfolio!
  • Write clear ReadMe's for projects you want to highlight ReadMe example for DatePlanet
  • Host your projects for recruiters/hiring managers to view easily! I love using Heroku personally.
  • Write a technical blog
  • Utilize the Tech Twitter network
  • Join/attend local Tech Meetup groups and their slack channels
  • Continue to code whether that is in the form of interview prep, personal projects or learning new skills
  • Remember to take breaks. Finding a job is a full time job in itself but even then TAKE BREAKS!
  • Ask developers you know if they would be willing to do a mock interview or informational interview
  • Use your network! Often times you will find people happy to help in any way they can.

Do you have any tips or resources you would like to share?

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Kate Pond

Thanks for listing these resources out and providing tips! I haven't taken a look, but did you use Jenkins or Gatsby for your portfolio?

Also, have you heard of employHer, {key : values}, Wayup, and the junior friendly remote positions that I curated by @2alin on Twitter?

I also haven't used this, but it looks interesting: Resunate.

And this is a super cool resource: [Diversify Tech]

And I like this article: 10 Job Search Tricks That Will Change Everything You've Been Doing

I have Toby that helps save all the resources that seem interesting.

kissu profile image
Konstantin BIFERT

Thanks for all those resources ! ❤️
And she is using Ruby on Rails for her portfolio. 👌🏻

kcarrel profile image

Thank you for answering a question I completely glossed over! Time to go drink more coffee.

kcarrel profile image

Thank you for the awesome suggestions Kate!

ohkpond profile image
Kate Pond

You're welcome! I hope they help too! 😊

aortizoj15 profile image
Alexis Ortiz Ojeda

Great article! Currently in the job search process as well so I will definitely be taking a look at all those links! Thank you!

isalevine profile image
Isa Levine

Ooo this is good stuff--time to spend my Sunday doing some fix-ups! ;)

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Ben Fox

I'd also suggest adding this to the list:, as there is a search for companies that hire junior devs too and have specific mentoring programs.