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The Idea behind Netlify and Heroku Free Deployment and Domain linking

Everyone knows that Netlify and Heroku has a free plan where you can deploy your application. My main idea behind this blog is Free deployment and linking with a custom domain so that web traffic will keep remain on your domain. In case your user increase, you can buy dedicated servers.

Terminology 📚

  • Custom Domain

    The domain which you buy from a domain provider e.g.

Technology Stack ❤️

The Technology stack which I've used for my blog site

  • Angular: You can use any SPA e.g. React, Vue.
  • Scully - Angular Static Site Generator. There are many options available for Vue and React.
  • mdBootstrap for CSS and Design
  • Node
  • Mongo
  • Express

Problems 🧐

So below are the problems which I faced:

  1. Heroku allows you to deploy the full dynamic site but for custom domain linking you have to buy a paid plan.
  2. Netlify allows you to deploy the JAM Stack. In short, It allows us to deploy the static HTML. You can only use High-Level Languages(Node, PHP, Ruby, etc...) to build your project. You can not deploy your server(e.g. Node JS) application on Netlify.

Solution 🤩

Solution is simple:

  1. Deploy Backend Node Application on Heroku
  2. Deploy Frontend Angular Scully Application on Netlify
  3. I used Heroku to write my blogs, store it in MongoDB, and display blogs on Netlify Frontend Application.
  4. Link domain with Netlify, So that Web traffic always on your domain.

Images 🥙

For resources, assets and images. I am using GitHub so that less space on Heroku and Netlify.

Github Code

😍 The code which I've deployed on Netlify.

😎 The code which I've deployed on Heroku.


  1. You need to deploy your Netlify project after every new blog because it will build a new static page for new pages and you have all Scully and SEO features.

Conclusion 📖

  • By the great combination of Heroku and Netlify, you can freely deploy your applications

  • you just need to buy a domain.

  • This technology stack and deployment techniques will help you understand CI/CD modules.

  • You don't need to pay any money and credit card for the whole implementation.

Note :📚

Buy a dedicated server when your users increases.

Next 🎯

If you build the blog site next thing you need is SEO. It is really important to bring users to your blog website.

Check here my SEO Blog, It will help you with setting SEO for your SPA.

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