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What are alternatives for Wunderlist (for students)?

I’ve been looking for alternatives for Wunderlist since it is going away. To be honest, I tried To Do for a month and it’s just not my thing. After using Wunderlist for three years, it’s a huge disappointment to see one of my favorite app downgrade to an app that is repetitive and crashes often.
I was wondering if there are any recommendations for better alternatives.
Here are the three I tried to use so far:

I tried Trello, enjoyed how the tasks can be easily separated into categories and add cards simply like having sticky notes, but its functions are restricted greatly if you use the free version. But as a student with budget, I prefer using free app with more functions.

Quire is similar to what I am looking for. They have simple and easy to use utilities, also I can collaborate on projects with my classmates easily. Particularly enjoyed the feature where you can assign tasks to different people with different deadlines; this makes group projects so much easier! The slight problem is that they don’t have the templates that I want.

The last app I tried was Asana. I loved the calendar feature, but overall, the app was a bit messy for me. There are too many features and isn’t user-friendly enough (which is a problem when I need to collaborate with many classmates who are often new users). Another problem is that the tasks can only be assigned to one person at a time, which seems pointless since most tasks take more than one person to finish.

So out of the three, I prefer Quire the most.

Are there any other recommendations?

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Vanessa M. Howard • Edited

We are a group of student alumni from The University of New Orleans. Our team has been using Quire since last year to track all of the little to large tasks they need to work on so fewer tasks fall through the cracks. I've been looking for an app that would allow me to track my projects and numerous daily tasks in a simple and effective way, with several subtasks and Android app. I've tested more than 40 apps and I was happily surprised with Quire. We don't want anyone to have to refer back to emails to see what is correct, so we make sure that we immediately update the project information in Quire and then everyone is on the same page.

While the desktop navigation is fantastic via short-cuts, Quire seems to be pretty clunky on smartphones though.

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James Schleigher

wow thanks a lot for this insight!

rolfstreefkerk profile image
Rolf Streefkerk

Have a look at
Has calendars, has multiple user feature, has different types of data display (tree, roadmap, list etc.) can categorize with tags/colors and has a communication feature (chat and video) all of this is free for standard use.

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Olivier Chauvin • Edited

Asana keeps rising the money.. not sure if it's a good fit for students. Trello and Quire are great for students, even for some SMB. You might want to check out as well. But it's not free.

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Take a look at Notion,

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Notion has the most complicated interface that I've ever seen! For a first-time user, I got freaked out with their templates. Also, their app isn't so stable, too laggy and it has too many bugs.

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Well, although the web/desktop app is not that bad, the mobile one is really terrible

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