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Kevin J. Estevez
Kevin J. Estevez

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My GitHub Profile

Recently I read a few posts and articles about the new feature of GitHub to customize your profile with a Readme file.

Then I took ideas from those posts and updated my profile, so here's the result:


Hi there, I'm Kevin πŸ‘‹

I'm a software engineer who is passionate about making well structured clean and deep core algorithms, so I'm pretty oriented to game development, hyped by compilers developing and all kind of data structures like trees, graphs, maps, sets, hashes and so on.

Although when working for a company I've been more oriented and experienced to work as a Full-Stack developer, from bottom up making Database decisions, Controllers, API endpoints (Backend), Templating views and Implementing full Frontend pages whether Single Page Applications, Server Side Rendering or Hybrid.

I've got sharped the skills of fast learning, fit in the desired environment and performing deep useful researches; so it doesn't matter the stack, I'd better handle the task, I bet I'll commit it.

I'm eager to learn every single day and become the better version of myself. Although most of the technologies I've been used to work with…

Pretty simple I know but it's better than nothing.

Here the plugins I used to have polished like that:

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