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4+ Best Free Elementor Addons (2022 Updated)

From its inception back in 2016, Elementor page builder has gained massive popularity and market share. Currently, Elementors installations reach up to seven digits and counting with no end in sight.

Elementor has always been a user-friendly platform, that is geared towards catering to every kind of web professionals including web developers, designers, and marketers in various markets, boasting a wapping record of new websites being created every 10 seconds on its open-source platform. Elementor page builder’s mission is to radically simplify website building process, letting people from all walks of life build their own platforms to unleash their true potential.

With this massive uproar in popularity, there comes an added demand for more features & a better user experience, and Elementor has delivered. But still, the people wanted more and independent developers and companies have started making addons plugins to provide a better Elementor experience with more features and functionality.

There are a lot of awesome Elementor plugins out right now, and we’ve picked the best of the best for you in this roundup of our top 5 Elementor addons for 2022.

Droit Addons for Elementor

Droit Addons for Elementor
Droit Addons for Elementor is a rather new addons plugin for Elementor but has gained massive popularity among its growing user-base due to its roster of useful features that makes customizing and building a WordPress website super easy and intuitive.

With an impressive collection of 70+ robust widgets that lets you create interactive blocks/sections such as - Sliders, accordion tabs, FAQ sections, WooCommerce product listings, graphs, and charts, Google Maps integration and so much more.

And not only that, this plugin comes with over 250+ stunning pre-built elements/blocks and 25+ pre-set template page designs to make your website building process faster & smoother. It even has an advance Header, Footer, & Mega Menu Builder, which makes multiple page creation so much easier.

For all these awesome qualities, Droit Elementor Addons has won the prestigious TemplateMonster round-up award for the best Elementor Plugin of 2021 with an overwhelming majority of upvotes, among 26 other awesome Elementor plugins.

Key Features Include

  • 70+ Widgets
  • 250+ Elements/Blocks
  • 25+ pre-built Template Pages
  • WooCommerece Widgets
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Live Copy-Paste
  • Header, Footer, & Mega Menu Builder

ElementsKit Elementor addons

Same as the previous plugin, ElementsKit features an array of extensive improvements over the Elementor page builder - all under one roof. With ElementsKit’s pre-built layouts users can create stunning designs for their website in no time. ElementsKit’s layout library comes with 80+ complete demos and over 400+ blocks from which users can create unique, interactive & creative websites.

In addition to its massive library of pre-built content, ElementsKit comes with 70+ free/premium widgets to make the web page building process smoother with many creative possibilities.

Key Features Include

  • 70+ Widgets
  • 400+ Elements/Blocks
  • WooCommerece Widgets
  • One Page Scroll
  • Widget Builder
  • Header, Footer Builder

Essential Addons for Elementor:

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the most popular addons plugins on, with its rapid growth of its million+ active installations and counting. Essential Addons has gained notoriety for its aesthetically pleasing UI experience.

This Elementor addon comes with both free and premium versions. The free version comes with over 50+ widgets that are comparable to Elementor pro’s feature set. These widgets are enough to fulfill the user's basic web page building needs.

And for further complex projects, Essential Addons has a Pro version with more features packed widgets. With these widgets, users can create Parallex effects to interactive responsive blocks with ease. It’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t slow down your site.

Key Features Include

  • 70+ Widgets
  • 1700+ Elements/Blocks
  • Pre-built Template Pages library
  • WooCommerece Widgets
  • Parallax Effects creation

Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons
Premium Addons for Elementor is a lightweight, fully responsive, user-friendly Elementor addon plugin, that is cross-browser compatible, WPML ready, and much more. With its sophisticated feature set, you can create a stunning website in no time.

In addition, Premium Addons is a fully modular plugin that enables ultra-fast performance by enabling the items you use and disabling the rest. This Elementor add-on plugin offers both free and premium versions.

Premium Addons offer over 20+ widgets in the free version and over 30+ in the premium version. The free version doesn't have much to offer, but the few free widgets that are included are versatile and can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your website.

Key Features Include

  • 60+ Widgets & Addons
  • 350+ Template library
  • Floating Effects
  • Lottie Animation Intregration

Happy Addons for Elementor

Happy Addons
Happy Addons for Elementor is a robust Elementor addon plugin that is designed and built to improve the user experience with more added web page building elements.

This plugin comes with intuitive designs, powerful widgets, and customization modules to improve your website's visuals and functionality.

Happy Addons for Elementor has both free and premium versions, with the free version you get 25+ feature-rich widgets, & 20+ premium widgets that comes with a library of preset demos and elements to improve your Elementor page builder experience and speed up your WordPress website creation process.

Key Features Include

  • 90+ Elementor Free & Pro Widgets
  • 400+ pre-built elementor blocks
  • Mega Menu Builder
  • 70+ full-page Elementor Templates

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