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Kevin Martins
Kevin Martins

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How to get a free GraphQL certification — Apollo Graph Developer

Getting certified is always amazing for us developers! With the hype of GraphQL, demonstrating skills and mastery over this specification becomes increasingly interesting. Apollo one of the most famous companies that maintain GraphQL solutions has the program Apollo Odyssey, which offers for free a complete training in its frameworks for using GraphQL, guaranteeing at the end an "Associate" level certification, proving your knowledge and allowing it to be associated with Linkedin !

Apollo GraphQL Logo

To start your certification, just access the website You will need to create an account on the platform, but don't worry! The videos are very didactic and will teach you how to do this too.

Apollo Graph Badge

The Apollo Odyssey platform is composed of topics where they have tasks necessary to complete to obtain certification. The tasks consist of the following activities:

  • Video/text class;

  • Questionnaires about the content;

  • Projects to be cloned locally to carry out the challenges;

  • Delivery of a final project demonstrating all the knowledge obtained;

The videos are in English, but all classes have Portuguese subtitles.

Portuguese subtitles

The training focuses on a Full Stack developer scenario, where we will use JavaScript in the tasks that will be performed. If you are not very proficient in JavaScript, rest assured, the tasks are guided and the examples will help you gain more knowledge and complete the challenges.

We will completed the following tasks:

  • Apollo Server — Apollo Server is an open source GraphQL server and compliant with its specifications. At this point we will use Node.

  • Apollo Client — Apollo Client is a comprehensive state management library for JavaScript that lets you manage local and remote data with GraphQL. For these tasks we will use React.

  • Apollo Studio — Apollo Studio is a cloud platform that helps you create, validate, and secure your organization's org chart.

  • Heroku — Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that allows developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. We will use it to publish our project. Follow my project to give a taste of what will be built at the end .

Tasks to complete for certification

Upon completion of the training, an incredible certification will be released, demonstrating mastery in the aborted topics. The course is very complete, and even for those who already have a good command of GraphQL, it is worth doing.

Badge acquired after training completion

It's also worth adding to Linkedin and making your profile even more complete!

Linkedin Certification

New training will soon be available on the Apollo Odyssey platform, covering content such as Apollo Federation. I'm currently working at Globoplay where we have a very complex GraphQL case that motivates me daily to seek new knowledge on the subject.

If you have any questions about the Apollo Odyssey and its training, I'm happy to help, you can find my contacts at .

Thanks a lot for reading!

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