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Dawid Kimana
Dawid Kimana

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Knockout Js in 2020

Hi there,
I made a simple scoreboard for phase10 & uno card games to learn the intricacies of tailwindcss; works by tracking individual players scores and levels in the game link

For context, I'm a fullstack dev who uses react and svelte for frontend, and have been using knockout since 2015 in various projects. In this implementation, I used knockout as the lib of choice, reason being newer libraries would provide a marginal benefit compared to this 'ancient' (10year old) library for my use case.

I was wondering, who else is still using knockout in 2020?

..maybe fork and implement in alpine or surplus js :)

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Sean Allin Newell

Awwwwww what a blast from the past! Knockout was my second front end library after jQuery I ever learned.

I don't use ot amymore but I am quite fond of it.

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Dawid Kimana

Thats called nostalgia