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COVID19 India tracker: Cases Nearby

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Coronavirus(covid19) has surely brought different types of changes in everyone's life. It's been a fearful and sad environment for the past couple of months in India. Also, during this pandemic, people are so worried to step out of their houses even for work/jobs, etc.
My college has been shut temporarily for the past 1.5 months now. I created this lite covid19: India case tracker to help the people with the information they might need to stay safe (like #active cases around them, zone restrictions in their districts, or nearest covid19 testing lab). The preview of the tool:
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The cases are plotted on the district basis, which is more classified into different zones based on the coronavirus situation in the districts (Red/Orange/Green). To plot this data I have used Mapbox GLJS and the data sources (confirmed new cases, zones update are fetched from a crowdsourced database managed by covid19india.org), the testing lab data is updated from the twitter updates from the government.

To make this process realtime, I deployed a flask app on Heroku which scrapes all the data from the web and makes it available with simple API get calls.

I would like to thank Alex and Marena at the Mapbox team who made this awesome tool free for the next 6 months for my project to serve a greater cause.

Link to my project: http://projects.grv.codes/coronavirus
Link to covid19india: https://www.covid19india.org/
Link to Mapbox GLJS: https://docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-gl-js/api/
Link to my GitHub repo for the flask app: https://github.com/kgrv/covid19indiaupdates

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